Jailbreak iOS 7

Apple Customers Prepare For Jailbreak iOS 7 Options

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The iOS 7 will hit the market in the third or fourth quarter of 2013, and Apple enthusiasts are already gearing up for the inevitable push to jailbreak iOS 7 equipped devices. Each time Apple releases a new operating system, tech experts1 clamor to find an exploit to help them get around Apple’s strict controls over its products. The iOS 7 should be no exception.
Thejailbreakstore.com is one of the leading companies working on a jailbreak and will have one prepared by the time the iOS 7 hits the market. Understanding the new operating system and your jailbreak options will help you make the right choice with regard to jailbreaking services.

What Is An Operating System and How is Jailbreaking IOS 7 a question?

An operating system is software used to manage hardware and software in an electronic device such as a computer or a tablet or cell phone. The operating system essentially provides the framework for what you’re allowed to do on your device and how you interact with it. Without the operating system, the device would be virtually impossible to operate. Companies periodically release updated operating systems to give customers new options and to improve functionality.
One thing operating systems can do is set limitations on what users can do with their devices. For example, an operating system can prohibit the use of some third party applications. Apple is notorious for having strict controls on the apps its devices are allowed to use. Part of the motivation for this strict control is financial, while other motivating factors include branding and identity2. Apple does not like adult entertainment apps and also turns a harsh gaze on dark humor.
In addition to blocking third party apps, Apple’s built-in restrictions also limit users’ ability to customize their phones and may also restrict them to one cell phone service company.


How Limitations Impact You

If you’re old enough to buy an iPhone, you’re old enough to decide how the device is used. Apple’s tight restrictions infantilize customers, taking away their right to decide how their property is used. Tight restrictions imposed by Apple affect consumers by:
Limiting their access to popular and useful apps. Many third party apps can help make life convenient in a number of ways. They can also be very entertaining.
Stranding consumers with one cell service company. Apple can sometimes lock users into having to stick with one cell service company, which is annoying from a price shopping and service shopping standpoint.
Limiting customers’ ability to personalize their devices. Today’s electronics user doesn’t want to be stuck in a cookie cutter device, they want the option to make their device theirs by customizing it with wallpapers, icons and more.

How Jailbreaking Works

When you have your iPhone or other device jailbroken, you free it from the limitations imposed by Apple. Jailbreak apps will allow you to shed these restrictions and use your device the way you want to use it. Technicians jailbreak your phone by finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in hardware and software to get root access to the operating system.

Benefits of a jailbreak include:

Access to popular third party apps.
Carrier unlocking, which will allow you to use other cell service companies.
Increased ability to customize your device with wallpapers and icons.
Higher resale value. Apple customers value a pre-jailbroken phone and will pay a premium for it.
Ability to get custom ringtones.
Access to FLASH, Adobe’s highly popular multimedia and software platform.
Choosing A Jailbreaker
Picking the right provider to jailbreak your phone is important. A botched jailbreak can impair the functionality of your phone and also leave it wide open for hackers to pilfer your personal data. When you consider all of the account numbers and passwords that have passed through your device, this prospect becomes scary.
When picking a company to jailbreak your phone, it is important to select a reputable provider of jailbreaking services.

A good jailbreaking company will:

Provide better access to third party apps, knocking down Apple restrictions.
Offer you a money back guarantee in case you are unsatisfied.
Be willing to answer questions about how their service will affect your device.
Offer ongoing support to re-jailbreak your phone should an Apple update slap the cuffs back on your device.
Offer untethered jailbreaking. Untethered jailbreaking keeps you from having to reboot your jailbreak software every time you turn your phone off and turn it back on. It’s much more convenient than tethered jailbreaking.
By being selective when choosing a jailbreaking service, you can ensure that you get all the benefits of a jailbroken phone without any of the drawbacks. Before jailbreaking your phone you should be advised that jailbreaking may void your warranty from Apple, however.

What’s So Great About iOS 7, Anyway

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Even though you’ll need to jailbreak your device after getting the new iOS 7, the new operating system has some very cool new features. New options available on the iOS 7 include:
A more helpful and functional Siri. The electronic personal assistant will now be able to extinguish your voice and anticipate your needs as it gets to know you better over time. Fans of Siri will like the more personalized service3.
A snazzy new control center that gives you quick access to some of the most popular features of the iPhone.
Screen locking. Apple users have long sought a screen locking option and many get their phones jailbroken just to get access to apps providing this.
A redesign of icons and themes that moves the iPhone away from the skeumorphic design of the Jobs era.
Increased opportunity to share content via social media and other networks, including photos and videos.
The new design of the iOS also takes some cues from current jailbreak tweaks, offering Apple customers the opportunity to multitask more easily and to have a live clock. The jailbreak community is likely to welcome these changes, but will still seek to jailbreak their iOS 7 equipped devices to obtain greater freedom.

Apple And The iOS 7

Apple may have a lot riding on the success of the iOS 7. The company has suffered some setbacks in recent years, including flaws in the iOS 6, and many industry experts are wondering if Apple’s mojo died with Steve Jobs. Tim Cook took over as CEO after Jobs’ untimely death in 2011, but Cook is respected more of a master of the nuts and bolts operation of a company rather than a visionary product designer. The success of the iOS 7 may foretell much about Apple’s future.
One point that makes many Apple fans enthusiastic about the new operating system is the participation of Jony Ive in its design. Ive is considered a top designer and a visionary like Apple founder Steve Jobs. Ive has been credited with much of the success of earlier Apple products, and his participation in the new operating system design is seen by some as exactly what Apple needs to make the new iOS 7 a success.
Considering what we already know about the iOS 7, it appears that Ive has done a good job in incorporating some of the changes many Apple customers have said they wanted to see in the new operating system.
Although Ive is making big innovations in the iOS 7, the new operating system will still impose restrictions on users’ ability to get the most from their device. Jailbreaking your phone will liberate it, making it more useful and fun.